Store in a box

Whomi – a two-woman startup focused on paper-based personal organizers and planners – crossed a whimsical name (Who, me? Organized?), with clean, upbeat branding and product design by Joshua Levi.

Foregoing a retail location of their own, WhoMi used guest appearances on daytime television programming to raise consumer awareness of the product while driving their actual B2B sales (with retailers and distributers) at major accessory tradeshows in New York and Atlanta convention centers.

With tradeshows as the key point of purchase for industry buyers it was crucial for WhoMi to have a presence that was distinct from hundreds of surrounding vendors while keeping the focus on the product, not the exhibit design.

Practical design criteria also included a need for a solution that was:
• lightweight
• economical
• highly portable, and
• brand-aligned

The built solution is a minimal store in a box. Whomi’s ‘white cube’ is a pristine showcase that displays the entire breadth of product lines while  dispelling clutter. The tightly focused presentation puts product front and center while also providing guests a respite from the visual overload that accompanies many tradeshow experiences.

Designed and constructed on a shoestring, the entire exhibit (sans product) weighed in at under a hundred pounds and was fabricated from flame-resistant foamboard, foam floor mats and off-the-shelf storage solutions converted into display cases.

exhibit designer: john schettino
fabricator: wayne mosely
graphic designer: joshua levi

  • exhibit design
  • fixture design
  • planograms
  • plans, elevations