Positioning for web presence

Statement launched as a boutique architecture firm with three principals who each had strong experience in the retail and hospitality industry. When Statement was competing to acquire new clients (including their win, Hy-Miler, the popular gasoline & convenience store chain) they decided it was time to clarify the Statement brand and develop clear visual and strategic differentiation from similar competing firms.

To develop a practical basis for evolving and strengthening the brand, the first phase of work for Statement was a comprehensive competitive analysis that identified all key firms that were active in the same space as Statement.

That was fllowed by audits of each firms website to develop a clear understanding of their market priorities based on their own descriptions of capabilities and offerings, as well as the cases that they presented as examples of success.

Analysis of each firm’s online presentation also included qualitative measures of the user experience that each site provided. The outputs of this research was a set of position maps that were used to identify competitive opportunities and obstacles for developing the Statement business and brand. The research findings were also used as the basis of a brand strategy.

With a strategic platform in place a series of workshops helped to flesh out thinking from Statement’s principals about specific brand attributes . Those characteristics then provided the starting point for a visual translation of the brand and it’s points of competetive differentiation into an online presence for Statement.

An iterative design process cycled through web interface options, from rough thumbnail sketches to highly detailed page design options, until arriving at a final set of options that were built and launched by Statements technology partner.


creative director: john schettino

  • competitive research
  • postion mappings
  • brand workshops
  • design explorations
  • website visual design