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Creative identity

Sheri Wills is an artist who works in domains that include film, video, performance and installation. Her film and video work has been screened at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and at numerous international venues. A few highlights from some of the projects developed for Sheri Wills include:

Wills’s poetic imagery often operates at the intersection of contemporary technology and antique work processes, such as women’s lapcraft. Grounded on woven fabric grids, embroidery and stitchwork can be intepreted as early digital representation. Mechanical looms were, in fact, real precursors to the original computer punch card technology. This hybridized approach is reflected in a logo suggestive of digital embroidery.


For a multimedia chamber opera featuring a contemporary retelling of the classic Dybbuk legend, Wills collaborated with Composer Ofer Ben-Amots and toured the final production in the US and Europe. Work for The Dybbuk included graphic design, branding and packaging as well as collaborations with the artist on key video sequences incorporating antique graphic images and Hebrew typography based on contemporary designs by Oded Ezer.

The world premiere of this new choral music piece by Czech composer Jan Jirasek featured a 30-person choir integrated with live video projection by Sheri Wills. Work for this project included 3D design of components used as video objects and siganture  marketing imagery, as well as overall graphics and branding for the marketing of this production at venues including The Czech Center (NY, NY) and Roulette (Brooklyn, NY).

Sheri Wills
designer: john schettino

  • identity systems
  • packaging
  • typography/lettering
  • web design
  • posters, postcards
  • storyboards