Florida Blue


reinventing healthcare

With the passage of the Affordable Care Act significant changes are now resonating through the health insurance industry, leading to more options, and responsibilities , for consumers and new imperatives for businesses to adjust their strategies.

Mark Lee, vice president of brand development and marketing communications  at Blue Cross & Blue Shield (BCBS) of Forida says  “If we don’t change how we deal with consumers and members in light of the changing marketplace and competition, we think we will be somewhat challenged . . . We’re trying to stay ahead of the curve.”

As part of ther initial strategic response BCBS adopted a new name, Florida Blue, to signal their intent to move away from simply existing to pay claims or to be a financial intermediary between care provider and policy payer. In the  new healthcare  landscape Florida Blue will be a health solutions company.

Playing a more active role in helping customers stay healthy is key to Florida Blue’s approach. “We want you to be healthier because it can save us money.” says VP of marketing Steve Snell.  As part of their overall strategy to to evolve into a more competitive and customer-centric organization, Florida Blue has launched a series of retail centers where consumers can ask questions about plans and buy insurance.

At Florida Blue retail centers members can pay claims, ask questions and engage in easy, on-site, personal-health assessments to help develop the best plan for their needs.

In addition to using the web and print to announce the new brand, Florida Blue also introduced these changes to consumers and employees through an environmental branding initiative coordinated with an extensive system of transitional messaging vehicles including banners, posters and digital screens. For consumers, the brand messaging campaign was rolled out across all of the new Florida Blue retail centers and  for employees the corporate offices became key locations for making contact with the new identity at an environmental scale.


florida blue (for infinia)
creative director: stephanie kim simons
senior designer: john schettino
junior designer: laura beale

  • environmental branding
  • installation renderings