Advancing media

At The University of Rhode Island, the director of the Film Media program recognized the value in developing a clearly articulated vision and identity and  believed that before the program could live up to its potential the program needed to determine what students were expected  to gain from majoring in Film Media, and why a student would choose the URI program over the many other competing programs available at other schools.

Film Media needed clearly identify what differentiated their program from the others. What was needed was not just a formal mission statement, but also a distinct expression of program identity and value that everyone – faculty, students and staff – would understand and embrace.

Development of the identity for Film Media began with renaming the program, evolving it from Film Media to Film/Media. A small but significant shift to emphasize a perspective that is rooted in the history of cinema and film theory but connected to and advancing into our present understanding of what media is.

From the pre-cinematic work of Edward Muybridge to the digital channel that conveys media today, the visual language for the Film/Media identity incorporates a rich array of references to the history, technology and narrative of film and media.


the university of rhode island,
film/media program
designer: john schettino

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