Making it count

In the nearly 200 countries where it does business, The Coca-Cola Company maintains a tradition of giving back to the community. It partners with a variety of organizations to create and support activities to make a visible difference in the lives of people. Water is fundamental to Coca- Cola’s business; aside from being the largest ingredient in the company’s product, packaged drinking water is itself a fast-growing product category. Because water is so integral to Coca-Cola’s business, the Company’s ability to prosper depends on its management of this resource.

Coca-Cola introduced its first integrated corporate identity  with the “Make every drop count” campaign. In tandem with brand and marketing objectives the new campaign was designed to emphasize global citizenship through stewardship of water and the environment.

Actual outcomes of this initiative included partnering with the United Nations Development Programme to develop strategies to increase local communities access to sustainable water supply systems. Under the initiative local people in remote mountain villages with no or limited access to clean water gain access to safe water supply systems and benefit from increased awareness on the water quality and environment issues.

To announce the the “Make every drop count” campaign to it’s industry colleagues, Coca-Cola asked Rockwell Group to develop a branded kiosk exhibit for the CIES World Food Business Summit; the annual conference of CEOs and senior management of the retail food industry. The kiosk, a self-contained  branded environment, was installed in Shanghai and featured immersive graphics, a contoured digital media marquee, and a full array of Coca-Cola products.


coca-cola (for rockwell group)
project director: charles marshall
project manager: ali madad
designer: john schettino

  • design explorations
  • exhibit graphics