3rd Ward

3rd Ward Metal Shop


Owning shop culture

Based in Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood, 3rd Ward came out of the box as a unique proposition. Under one roof it housed a metal shop, a woodshop, a jewelry studio, a suite of photo studios, classrooms, and a co-working space buzzing with dozens of start-ups and entrepeneurs. As a hub for artists, makers and craftspeople it offered access to facilities that otherwise would have been prohibitive, economically or logistically for most independent creative workers.

3rd Ward shops were fully equipped with tools and machinery to build almost any conceivable project and those facilities were complemented with shop techs and a manager offering a depth of experience that could help to resolve any technical or logistic issue involved in producing a project.

Amid the wealth of offerings in this energetic environment a significant undeveloped opportunity existed around the issue of engendering a shop culture of best practices and safety and then using that position as a platform for focusing the brand and creating new products and revenues based on expertise in those areas.

In a series of detailed designs a comprehensive system was developed to account for every aspect of  best practices in a metal shop. From safety signage to operating manuals to a series of shop guidebooks, the system established a definitive basis for 3rd Ward to be the authority on safety and best practices in shop environments.

The immediate functional benefit of this system was resolution of needs in 3rd Ward’s metal shop but the long term value was designed as brand ownership of the workshop space.

3rd Ward
designer: john schettino

  • environmental signage
  • wayfinding
  • books, manuals